Balcony Membrane Replacement

Balcony Membrane Replacement in Metro Vancouver is one of the areas Kallio Restoration helps strata buildings maintain their structure.
Strata Deck Restorations Contractor
It is a vital part of maintenance for structures. One which we’re here to help oversee and address as needed.
Strata property managers have a huge task to maintain and manage residential condos or townhouses that they oversee. It is their responsibility to ensure the structural safety and integrity of the building; including the balcony membrane.

Understanding which maintenance concerns to be on the lookout for can be overwhelming. However, these types of things can be effectively assessed by a building envelope consultant – such as ourselves, who are here to make sure potential concerns are addressed.
Water leak prevention tends to be one of the most common areas of concern in the Lower Mainland. A combination of a wet climate and the historic ‘leaky condo’ crisis, make strata managers highly vigilant of any water damage concerns. Which is what Kallio helps to assess before they become an issue.
Deck Restoration
A concrete balcony is a popular decking material for Vancouver condos and the surrounding communities. And although concrete is highly durable, over time and with regular use, weather exposure and poor design elements – such factors can all lead to the deterioration of a deck.
Cracks in a concrete deck can occur from a building settling and should not be overlooked. These types of structural concerns can worsen with the elements we often experience in the Lower Mainland, which could lead to a crack spreading and becoming a safety risk.
Whether your concern is maintenance or repairs, Kallio Restoration can help alleviate those concerns, and manage your strata building upkeep as needed.
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